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Rental Policies

Welcome to Brookview. Our goal is to make your event a success, and you can help us achieve that by understanding our policies and sharing them with your group. If you have questions, please contact the facility coordinator. We look forward to serving you!
  • General Rules
    Brookview is an accessible facility with free parking and is adjacent to a residential neighborhood. The renter is responsible for ensuring all guest conduct and noise level is appropriate when exiting Brookview. Minors are welcome in the Brookview lobby, public patios, Three One Six Bar + Grill, and the Evergreen Deck with a supervising adult. The Golf Course, Lawn Bowling Green, and other rooms at Brookview may only be used by minors when rented by a group. Youth parties must be chaperoned at a ratio of one adult to 10 children. Brookview reserves the right to assign additional staff or officers at the renter’s expense when warranted. Brookview is tobacco-free. This includes the buildings, decks, patios, adjacent grounds, golf course, and lawn bowling green. If needed, Brookview staff, their authorized representative, or a peace officer may remove individuals, stop consumption of alcoholic beverages, or revoke a reservation and order all persons from the premises.
  • Facility Use
    Renters may use only the room space identified and approved in the rental agreement. Rentals during public hours may be impacted by sounds from other facility users/recreational activities. All activities must fit into the rental time indicated in the agreement, including set-up and breakdown. Rental area(s) are not available to the renter or renter’s vendors before or after the rental times. The renter shall leave rental areas in a clean, orderly fashion. No items may be left overnight. The renter assumes full responsibility for any damages not covered by the event deposit. The renter may not sublet the facility, nor may reservations be transferred or reassigned. Charging admission or selling merchandise is not allowed unless pre-approved by the facility coordinator. Should a renter access the space outside of the rental start and end time, an additional room/hour charge will be assessed.
  • Reservations
    Resident rates and priority apply to people who live or work in Golden Valley (see Hourly and Full-Day Event Rates). For corporate or organization events, resident fees and priority apply to companies or organizations located in Golden Valley. A single contact person must be designated to make all arrangements pertaining to Brookview Golden Valley.
  • Cancellations
    For cancellations received in writing more than 30 calendar days before rental, 50 percent of the total rental fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued for cancellations received 30 calendar days or fewer before rental. A reservation may be canceled by management up to the time of use for reasons of public safety. In these circumstances, the City assumes no responsibility for any disruption a cancellation may cause. The City will attempt to notify the applicant immediately if cancellation is necessary. If a reservation is canceled by Brookview staff for any of the above reasons, the City will refund all fees paid.
  • Set-Up And Decorations
    Decorating plans must be approved in advance by the facility coordinator. Final set-up must be confirmed one week before the event. For the safety of guests and integrity of the facility, decorations may not be affixed or draped from walls, floors, or ceilings, and use of thumbtacks, staples, or nails is prohibited. Candles must be in non-flammable containers (eg, votive, hurricanes, etc). Due to environmental concerns, use of confetti, glitter, bird seed, rice, or other like items is prohibited. All decorating and take-down must be completed during rental times.
  • Food And Beverage
    Food and beverages for all events, with the exception of commercially prepared desserts, must be supplied by our preferred licensed caterers. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed on the premises. Final service of alcoholic beverages shall be 30 minutes before the end of the rental (no later than 11:30 pm). Events serving alcohol with 50 or more guests require security on site from beginning of event to one hour after event ends. Security will be booked by the facility coordinator. The security fee will be charged according to length of event. The caterer’s kitchen, beverage service room, and portable beverage stations are off limits to anyone other than the preferred caterers. All beverage and bar service is through Three One Six Bar + Grill.
  • Music/Audio/Entertainers/AV Equipment
    Rental fee includes use of PA system, ceiling-mounted LCD projector, and drop-down screen. Additional AV and room use equipment is available for rental and individually listed. During events, sound levels for live music and audio equipment will be controlled by management at a level appropriate for the room size and the residential neighborhood to the east of Brookview. All bands and audio equipment must stop playing indoors at midnight and outdoors by 10 pm.
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